Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Storage solution 2: Under the bed

Unless you have a divan, there is loads of usable storage space lurking under the bed, more than most if you have a bed like this one. Space for storing anything and plastic underbed storage boxes are in abundance from all ‘good’ pound shops.

However if you are anything like me you will agree that plastic storage boxes are probably the most unattractive things in the world and totally ruin a well decorated and thought out room. Therefore think about the position of your bed before you do anything. In my room on one side of my bed is really visible unless you are particularly nosy and snoop down the other side of the bed.

Because of this I am able to use plastic boxes for the majority of the space and the benefits of this are endless, easier to dust, bigger and many come on wheels so are easy to slide out if you need things from them on a regular basis. If you have an 'underbed' that is visible all around then just use plastic boxes in the middle and then surround with pretty boxes that match whatever colour theme you have. 

Any piece of furniture which has an underneath is a chance for storage, and over time you can collect truly beautiful boxes:


Antique trunks and suitcases and a lovely rustic, vintage way of storing things, and the sort of thing that doesn't look out of place under the bed. But remember to measure the space you have before shopping around, you don't want to buy something beautiful and then find it is too tall for the space you have.


A spare shelf or space under a coffee table is ideal for storing magazines, but alternate with pretty patterned boxes, creating an attractive feature of it.


Label plain boxes to give it a personal touch, to add some colour and to organise your 'stuff'.


Or for a vintage look, type some labels with mixed backgrounds and stick them onto your boxes.


Wooden boxes have a real charm about them, but just beware what you store in them if the wood isn't finished off properly avoid keeping fabrics in them unless you have lined the box first. Wooden wine boxes, are particularly good as they have writing along the sides so create some interest too. 

So have a think about the theme of your bedroom, what you want to store in your boxes and then measure your space and get shopping and sorting.

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