Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Storage solution 4: Buckets...of fun

When I used to look at my shoe rack I hated that on each shelf there were piles of shoes and flip flops. I decided there must be a better way of storing they the flip flops, without putting them away as I love to wear them all year round, around the house.

Then I remembered seeing a DIY show on TV where they created a hall stand with seat and an umbrella holder, made using a metal bucket...PERFECT.
Metal buckets can be acquired from all good hardware stores for up to £20 depending on the size. Just placed in the hallway they create an interesting and colourful (depending on your flip flops) feature.

Plus if you don't have that many flip flops you can add umbrellas, pumps anything you need regularly but is currently cluttering up your hallway. So go get yourself a bucket and get sorting. And remember those other shoes cluttering up your shoe rack and are 'out-of-season' put them away in boxes in your wasted wardrobe space.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, I do this with a wicker waste paper bin... although it was a happy accident rather than a good idea!