Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Storage solution 5: Keepsake boxes

We all have little things we just don't want to throw away, I birthday card, a photo, a cinema ticket...and finding a place to keep these can be difficult.

Pretty boxes can be found anywhere and to match any colour scheme. These can be in different sizes, shapes and colour. When looking for keepsake boxes keep the following in mind:

- Where you want to put it
- What you want to put in it
- What your budget is

This will help you make decisions when you are out and stop you buying the first thing you see. Of course if you need more than one and want to keep different things in them you can buy a collection that sit together, (see above) or you can buy different ones to go in different places.

Boxes can be found in all different sizes and materials and can be found in the most unlikely places...for example my sister bought me this one from h&m.

So don't feel you have to throw your little treasurers away, just find the right container and they can become your hidden gems, that to the outside eye look like a decorative box.

Happy hiding!!!


  1. I love those boxes at the top! The floral pattern is so pretty!!! Where are they from?

  2. They are from ebay...you can find all sorts on there!! x