Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Storage solution 3: Wasted wardrobe space

For me any space within a cupboard should be filled a) to de-clutter visible areas and b) to allow us to buy more (although my Mum would disagree with the latter my sister aka Shopgirl would totally agree).


Therefore utilise all space, here are some tips how:

1. If you have a long wardrobe that has no drawers (if your wardrobe has drawers this won't work because your space has already been utilised for you) you will find that under a certain number of garments you will have significant space. Firstly, and I know it is a bore, unless you are a bit OCD like myself, you need to organise your wardrobe by garment length.

2. Next work out how much space you now have. Drawers and boxes and the best way to utilise the space and it is in here that you can get away with using cheap plastic drawers/boxes because, unless you have an open or glass fronted wardrobe, no one will see them.

3. Use this space for those things you don't need all the time. Use plastic shoe boxes and rotate your summer/winter shoes - putting away those you won't be wearing, not only does it de-clutter but it also keeps your shoes dust free (yay).

4 Then in a small set of plastic drawers keep things that won't fit in with your other clothes.

For example:


Or accessories:


On top of your wardrobe:-

This is visible space so think really carefully about what you put up here as you want it to fit with the rest of the room. If putting boxes up here look for nice colourful, patterned or chic boxes that fit with the theme of the room. This doesn't have to break the bank, colourful patterned boxes are in abundance at Ikea and Ebay. Floor cushions or pretty bags can also find a home here as something attractive enough to stay on view but needs to be put out of the way.

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