Saturday, 12 March 2011

Location, Location, Location

For over ten years now Kirstie and Phil have been going round the country (and beyond) for us. It is all about location when you are house hunting, whether it be London, the north, Spain or Cardiff, wherever you are moving to the location always has to be the first decision you make.


However, the one thing I think we all struggle with, once we have decided on our location, is how do we know the right areas in that location to look at. Everyone can think of an area or road in the town/village/city they live in where they wouldn't want to live (with the odd exception I'm sure). Over dinner with friends a few evenings ago when one guy started asking about "the nice areas" of our city, I started thinking, unless you've lived somewhere a while or know someone who has, how can you get hold of this information.

Therefore I want to try and get a little reference session going. Therefore if you live somewhere and there are some definite areas you would recommend or avoid leave us a comment. Likewise if you are moving somewhere new and want some help leave a question and we will see if we can help you out.

All I would say if that if you don't know a place at all, the best way to get to know the different areas is to drive around and get lost in it. While driving make a note of those roads you like the look of and those you don't, because not everyone is after the same sort of place, a home is personal.

I experienced exactly this yesterday, but in my own town where I have lived for 24 years. As I was browsing estate agent windows I found a few flats. Before I view anything I always usually know where they are, having lived here for so long. However there was one road I didn't know, therefore I decided to find it before booking a viewing. It was at that point I discovered there were more areas within my town that I wouldn't live in. It also made me realise that just like when you walk into a house and immediately get a feeling about it - when you drive down a road you can straight away tell if it is for you or not.


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