Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Storage solution 1: Hat boxes

Each week I will aim to provide you with innovative and quirky storage solutions in order to de-clutter you sideboards and coffee tables without the need to throw away everything, because lets face it we love to keep some things. So check out the 'storage solution' label each week for these.

Solution 1: One of my favourite storage pieces in my bedroom is my slightly leaning tower of hat boxes, which contain a few hats but mostly other bits and bobs.

By mixing up patterned and plain it prevents this looking like a stack of storage boxes and instead looks like a real feature in the room, the bottom box in from Home Sense, the 4 plain ones are from Ikea and the red and gold one was a Christmas present from my dad, although I believe it came from a charity shop.

Although obviously sold as/to look like hat boxes they have many uses, and a stack like this placed in the right place can hold anything you want to hide from view, or that otherwise clutters up other areas. Mine is placed by my dressing table and the top boxes contain nail polishes, make up and other bits and bobs I use on a regular basis but that look untidy when out!!

I also have two tucked down the side of my tv:

these not only work as a nice backdrop to my bottles but they hide endless clutter such as matches, stapler, sellotape etc. All the little things we have to have but that know one wants to look at!

So remember you don't have to hide boxes away, choose the right boxes and they can be both practical and decorative.

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