Saturday, 5 March 2011

Inspired Idea 1: Vases

I love flowers, and I think they really can make a house a home. Luckily for me, working in retail means when working a late shift, I am able to purchase those flowers going "out of date" that day, for a reduced price. Otherwise they end up in the bin, and I can't bear the thought of that.


Having done more late's than usual this week I have got some yellow roses, white tulips and deep pink carnations as well as the daffodils my mum had already bought me last weekend.

Here lay my problem, I only own one vase and it was already taken up with the daffodils.
What to do? Firstly I asked Dad and managed to procure a 'salt-glazed' kitchen jar. Perfect for my yellow roses

I didn't find anything else I liked, so went through the kitchen cupboards for potential jugs or inspiration, and found this vase:

After being told I couldn't borrow any of his Wedgwood I resorted to using one of my glasses as a vase for my tulips which were left, but after putting them on my window sill and going back to make my bed, I noticed my "Chanel" bags, (the paper sort you get when you buy perfume or nail polish) and had an idea,

By standing my glass in the bag it turned something quite average into something cool and unique.

Any bag will do, and you can use any glass, for taller flowers use a bigger glass and bag...I knew there was a reason I'd been saving gift bags all these years!!!

Happy flowers!!!


  1. Love this idea!!! I am off to hunt out a Chanel bag!! :)

  2. PS Font much easier to read :) xx