Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Recommended Read of March: Ideal Home Magazine

Each month I am going to buy a different home magazine and then review it with you. If I feel it is a good read I may even start buying it regularly...we shall see.

This month I am reviewing Ideal Home Magazine:

This issue, (the April issue) is the colour issue, with 5 different covers to choose from and a free colour magazine. Now until this purchase I was a home magazine virgin. I had never bought an interior/home/decorating magazine. Like most people I had flicked through the odd one at the dentist but never actually bought one...oh what I have been missing!

I chose the blue cover!! The contents in all six magazines is the same and all covers are described in full with 'where to find' details.

Other great finds in the magazine are:

 - 2 for 1 ticket offer for the Ideal Home Show
 - Yummy recipes (yes I was surprised too)

Along with home ideas, decorating ideas and individual room ideas, so whether you are decorating, renovating or just looking for inspiration it is full of ideas. Many of which are contributed by real people, giving  real examples of products and where to find them. Two things I really love are the Ideal/Great deal comparisons, which show a high end example of a product and then a budget example (in my opinion some of the budget items are nicer!!) and April's seasonal idea: Domestic Bliss for the Busy Woman; creating a baking station.

I would definitely recommend the Ideal Home magazine, especially this month with the Home Show ticket deal. I've snatched mine up and will be heading down to London on the 24th March, so check back after that date to find out how Shopgirl and I got on.

Happy Reading!!

Let me know your favourite bits!!

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