Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Storage solution 8: Blanket box

My favourite kind of storage at the moment has to be blanket boxes:

They are probably the most versatile kind of storage and come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and characters. Just as wardrobes, mirrors and chests of drawers vary depending on the time they were made, in just the same way blanket boxes were too and have previously been an important piece of bedroom and nursery furniture throughout history.

Recently they have become popular once again and therefore if you are working to a tight budget you can pick up cheap second hand ones of Ebay or Ikea have a wide selection at a variety of prices. Of course if you have more money to spend and want something antique and a little bit special I would recommend Laura's Loft Antiques, 12 Church Street, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 9LG or start trawling your local antique shops looking for something special and unique for you. 

What Ikea has to offer:
This is a great box for a playroom or a girls room, but at £76.59 it would be more of investment.


For those of you on a tighter budget this is a great alternative at only £10.99.
What about the conservatory...these wicker ones are perfect for conservatories or hallways for keeping garden bits, blankets etc in.

£46.97...these are slightly more expensive but if you want something to match a room, it is sometimes worth saving up and spending a bit more rather than ruining the whole look of an otherwise well presented room.

At £39.83 this is ideal for an office or work space, on wheels it is perfect for moving around, keeping files in or storing documents that aren't needed all the time.

And finally:

at £10.99 I think this is one of the best value boxes Ikea do. The wooden edges are timeless and the white pieces could be painted however needed or wanted. 

Here is my blanket box, 

which I got from Ebay, for only £15 it was a real bargain, however when bidding on such items on Ebay make sure you check where it is and whether the buyers will deliver or if it is'collection only' and bear this in mind when bidding. 

Blanket boxes are perfect for storing anything and everything!!! Try one for yourself!

So get shopping and get storing.

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