Sunday, 3 April 2011

The perfect Mother's Day gifts

So...Mother's Day is drawing to a close but thought I'd share with you the success I'd had:


My mum has been talking for ages about gradually replacing her cheap interim pieces of furniture with nice pieces. Then a couple of months ago in the Telegraph readers offer magazine she saw a little bookcase that would go perfectly in the hall, but at £105.00 it was the sort of thing she was going to have to save up for. Well my sister and I decided that after everything she had been through this year she deserved it so we bought it for her for Mother's Day. It cam fully assembled and beautifully finished:

What do you think? She loved it, and wasted no time filling it up with her goodies!!! Of course we also got her the obligatory flowers, which I ordered online from M&S, and you cannot fault them, free delivery on Mother's Day...and the flowers are gorgeous...these came with the rustic jug:

And even though they weren't offering free delivery when I ordered them, because I am so organised and did it ages ago...when they did decide to offer free delivery they emailed me to say they were taking the delivery charge off the total...FAB!!!

Let me know your Mother's Day successes or what you were treated to.

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