Thursday, 7 April 2011

Inspired Idea 3: Curtain tiebacks

When I decorate a room, it is not complete without curtains, or in some cases a blind...although I am not their biggest fans, wherever possible I try to use curtains.


However there is nothing worse than losing light or views out of a window because even when open the curtains hang over the edges, and it is not always possible to use such a long curtain pole to keep the curtains right out of the way.

Now I don't know about you but I am not a huge fan of traditional curtain tiebacks, and on reading the title of this post you probably think I am, and I am really in an untraditional way. Ones like those above here make me feel nauseated, unless in the right environment these are just too twee for most homes. Therefore I have a new way to hold back curtains, both cheaper, more attractive and transferable to any room.

Ribbon!!!! yes, versatile, cheap therefore depending on the colours and theme of your room depends on the best ribbon for you. So when you've finished a room and put up your curtains have a think about what ribbon would be best. I chose this blue organza ribbon with these busy curtains so as not to draw anything away from the curtains themselves.
In my bedroom...

The white satin creates a beautiful contrast to the olive velvet go on have a look at your curtains now and create some ribbon tiebacks...send me your pictures so I can see what you've created!!!

Happy ribbons! xx

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