Monday, 21 February 2011

A successful second-hand spree

Well, what a successful trip. Both Mum and I came away with some real steals, and a car full of treasures. Firstly however I have to take back what I said about just coming away with things you planned to buy, I am usually so controlled but sometimes if you really fall in love with something and know you will regret not buying it you should get it, as there will always be a place in your home for things you love!!!

Our first purchase of the day was made by Mum, she spotted this lovely Laura Ashley bedspread:

Not something on either of our lists but you can never have too many bedspreads. This one was a bargain at £5, and although it is only a single and my mum has a double bed never let that stop you, layer things onto your bed showing off the different throws, sheets, bedspreads. and if something has a nice reverse fold over a corner to show it off and to give your bed a "lived-in/loved" look.

Next, I found a bucket, I had seen a number of wooden ones as I wandered around but suddenly came across a stall selling a number of enamel items, from milk jugs to bowls and luckily for me, buckets!!!!

And I found this:

I chose it because I love the colour, plus as I wanted it as a kitchen bin it needed to have a lid. I managed to haggle down from £15 to £12 which I was happy to pay because I liked it so much, after all something is only worth what you are willing to pay for it.

We continued to wander around and I spotted a lovely Denby signed vase, they were asking £30 for it and I decided to think about it and maybe come back later. My mum then saw a beautiful Alfred Meakin vase, however she fleetingly looked it and we moved on.
As we continued to browse the fair, and I kept seeing lovely old irons, it got me thinking, because I loved the shape so much, about what I could use them for.
BINGO: a doorstop, and therefore I started looking more closely at them and found this gorgeous old one:

which after a quick clean when I got home I started using immediately. At the next stall along, I picked up this little brass piece:

Something you'll learn about me is I can't resist anything with a heart on it...!!! Plus with a gorgeous horse shoe already hanging on one wall at home, this was the perfect accompaniment:

What do you think?

Continuing our journey, I found a gorgeous grey cupboard with a heart cut out of the front and three shelves inside, had decided that it would be incredibly useful for keeping towels in in the bathroom. Approached the seller mulling over in my head how much I would pay for it and asked his best price only to be told it had already been sold! Devastated, but that is something to remember, furniture at these places is usually collected towards the end of the day and not all sellers will have sold stickers. Therefore don't be shy, ask prices way before you've even thought about something, therefore if it has already sold you can move on with much less disappointment.

So we continued, my mum reminding me that it hadn't been something I had come for anyway. So we continued and I soon cheered up when I spotted a little "off-white" table with hearts cut out of the underside of the top. It was standing out amongst a selection of beautiful upholstered antique furniture. (Owned by Laura's Loft Antiques Halesowen, somewhere I definitely think is worth a visit). With £25 on the table the seller came over, telling I was interested offered to do it for £20...SOLD!!! I fell in love with it, and made the decision that because I loved it so much I could find a place for it in my flat:

At this same place Mum fell in love with a beautiful blanket box, completely restored with a draw rather than a lift up lid, and a beautifully upholstered  seat on the top. However at £95 it was more than my Mum could afford at the time, but the sort of thing I think she will definitely be saving up for.

Desperate to get out of the cold, as both of us were now losing all feeling in our hands we wandered into the second hall, full of china and nic-nacs and a sweet stand...yum yum. After we had refueled with fudge and chocolate raisins I discovered this:

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, and with the price tag saying £8 I was willing to pay that, however you can always haggle, and in proper flea fair style I asked their best price and managed to walk away with the mirror for £7. As we continued to wander about my mum started talking about the Meakin jug we'd seen right at the beginning. So after a quick stop at a fabric stall to pick up a few meters of floral fabric we returned to the first hall and hunted for the jug. We found it and here it is:

At just £5 it will look beautiful with some daffodils in!

There you have in one very successful day indeed, and remember its not always about getting something old (the table and mirror are both newer pieces) or at a bargain price, it is about buying things you need and fall in love with at a price you can afford.

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