Saturday, 19 February 2011

Second-hand flea fair shopping

"I challenge you to find a more enjoyable day out than second hand shopping at an antiques fair" (Kirstie Allsopp).

So...bright and early tomorrow morning I am taking my mum to experience the flea fair at the 'Three Counties Showground'. This will be my second visit but my mum's first. Now for anyone out there thinking about visiting a flea market or antiques fair here are a few tips:

1. Before you go have a good think about what it is you want, otherwise you could end up with lots of lovely things but things that wont fit into your home.

2. Next set yourself a budget of how much you want to spend, otherwise you will end up blowing your budget. 

Mum and I are going tomorrow to look for the following items:

For me:
- a bucket or basket to be used as a kitchen bin
- a wall mirror

For mum:
- some kind of hall stand (only smaller)
- a blanket box

Check back tomorrow to see how we got on, and for tips on haggling down the price!!

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