Monday, 30 May 2011

From blank box to homemade home...!!

My room when I first arrived:

with just a few of my bits chucked on the bed....and the other bit of the room....

a week later....

a made bed, with all the frills always makes a room feel more like home!!!

Space for my blanket box gives me a surface in a small room and extra storage for bulky things such as towels and bed linen.

Plastic drawer set (not the most attractive) but cheap and incredibly practical for toiletries and bits and bobs. Plus the top is perfect for a the full length mirror provides a hanging solution for necklaces.

The ever useful and practical hat boxes...stacked a bit high but they provide a perfect display unit for the leaving cards I was given.

That's my new room, now I'm settled I hope to post more regularly now!! Apologies for the delay!!

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  1. Exciting blog!! I can't wait to have my own place and I am no where near moving out of my parents home as I am only 16 but one day...!! X